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Message from the chair

Welcome to the Tri-state Oversight Committee's website. This committee was created by state-level agencies in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia to jointly oversee rail safety and security at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, commonly called WMATA or Metro.

Established in 1997 via a Memorandum of Understanding between the three Capital Region’s primary jurisdictions and a set of Program Standards and Procedures, the TOC reviews and approves Metro's safety and security plans, rail accident investigation procedures and final accident reports, and conducts audits, among other oversight activities. We independently evaluate the overall compliance of Metro's rail safety and security efforts with its plans and procedures. In doing so, we fulfill our states' responsibilities under 49 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 659, which requires such oversight programs for rail transit systems like Metro that receive federal funding. For any deficiencies identified by TOC, WMATA is required to propose corrective action plans for TOC’s approval and implement them to TOC’s satisfaction.

Our goal with this website is to ensure transparency and accountability. Here you'll find news, links, correspondence between our committee and Metro, key documents that guide our work and other information.

If you'd like to reach us with a question or concern, please visit the contact us page. Thank you for visiting our site.

Sharmila Samarasinghe

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